The attics

The house was built on a hill that was not serviced by the public water network. Rainwater was collected from the roof into a cistern at the bottom of the house. From there it was pumped to a tank in the attic, where it flowed into the distribution conduits by gravity. The wooden tank with a double zinc lining is still in place.

… and the traveler, who returns home at midnight, sees the white wall of his house, and his grape vines and his roses…” (Claudel)
“…and I thought of our house, all white under the moon and I blessed Ed. that he wanted this whiteness […] Thank you kindly for your letter that shows me how much you enjoy your home, I understand all the intimacy, the warmth, the spaciousness, the friends who visit, the objects, the music, the reproductions of the human or fantastic statues.

Albert Jeanneret, brother of Le Corbusier, letter to his parents, 19.11.1913